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Operating data
Further data:   Density: kg/m³
      Heat conductivity: W/m K
      Spec. heat capacity: kJ/kg*K
      Dynamic viscosity: 10-6 kg / ms
Discharge: kg/h Nm³/h l/h  
Tank capacity: kg m3 l  
        Heat insulation: yes no
Entry temperature: °C   Outlet temperature: °C
Positive operating pressure: bar ü   Pressure loss max: bar
Environmental temperatures: °C      
Protection types
Protection type: IP55 IP56 IP65 IP66  
Explosion protection: zone 1 zone2 zone21 zone22 zone0  
Gas group: IIB+H2     Ignition protection type: Ex de Ex d Ex e
Temperature classes: T2 T3 T4 T5 T6  
Certificate: 94/9/EC          
Electric data
Output: kW      
Connection voltage: V 1Ph   V 3Ph  
Mounting dimensions
Mounting length: mm   Flange (DN/PN):
Screw thread:   Process connections:
Mounting position: horizontal vertical   Pipe dimensions: mm
Heating elements:   Flange:
Flow pipe / Tube coil: mm   Air duct:
Design data
Design regulations:   Design temperature: °C
Design pressure:   Final inspection:
Further data


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