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Electric air heaters

The air heaters with integrated electrical heating elements, flange frame or fixing plate as well as casing for electrical connections are laid out and assembled according to the customer's specifications and operating manual.

A higher thermal efficiency is attained using a specific surface load (pa), which is optimally adjusted to the operating conditions.

Materials are made of steel or stainless steel according to customer's instructions.

The temperature monitoring for protecting the heater and maintaining of the temperature classification is achieved using temperature sensors, which are located on the heating elements and electromechanical or electronic switches or monitoring devices. Usually flow monitoring is required for safe operation.

Design variations

Duct air heater

With flange frame as part of the duct to be built into heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
The dimensions can be adjusted to the duct dimensions.

Air heaters for mounting in pipes

with flange connections for installation in pipelines.

Compressed air heaters

for operating pressures over 0.5 bar.

You can find out more here.


Air Heater for Insertion

With mounting flange as heating insert for air conditioning and ventilation devices or for heating of instrument or machine housings,  ovens and heating chambers.

Ex air heaters

Heating coil and ventilator for assembly.

Typical areas

  • Installation in HVAC plants and air-conditioning technology
  • Feed air heating
  • Process air or gas heating
  • Heating of ovens, heating or drying chambers
  • Container heating

Design data

Please supply at least the following information when submitting your enquiry:

  • Medium, flow rate, inlet and outlet temperature
  • Required heating capacity, voltage
  • Air duct dimensions, location to be installed
  • Ex protection: Zone, temperature class
  • Environmental and installation requirements

Power and temperature control

ELMESS-Thermosystemtechnik supplies the right control system for your heating requirements, ranging from simple protection control to comfortable and accurate thyristor cascade control.

Ex thermostat type DST
Electronic thermal cut-out type eBW