Immersion heaters  
Immersion heater HK10  
Ex-High Performance Cartridge  
Flow heaters
Flow heater  
Gas preheater / vaporiser
Gas Preheater  
Air heater
Air heater  
Air blower heater
Air blower heater  
Space Heaters and Finned Tube Heaters
Ex-Space Heater horizontal R1   
Ex-Space Heater vertical R1V
Ex-Finned tube heater with protection Cage R2  
Ex-Finned tube heater, stainless steel R3  
Ex-Finned tube heater R4  
Dust Ex space heater R5
Level switch
Level switch vertical mounting
Level switch horizontal mounting
Thermostat / Temperature Limiter
Ex Thermostat / Temperature Limiter DST
Electronic equipment, Control panels
Electronic equipment, Control panels
ATEX Thermal Cut Out
EU/EC-Type Examination Certificates (ATEX) and Declaration of conformity / Attestation of conformity
Type Certificate Description  
DH..A0..., DH..B0...

IBExU 13 ATEX 1155 U

ELM 15-007

Heater Size A0 and B0
DHG.., DHF.., DHK..

IBExU 15 ATEX 1019 X

ELM 15-006

Heater for Gases, Liquids

TÜV 14 ATEX 143060 U

ELM 15-011

Heater Size C0
DHG.C0.., DHF.C0.., DHK.C0..

TÜV 14 ATEX 126756 X

ELM 15-010

Heater for Gases, Liquids, Size C0

BVS 11 ATEX E 088 X

ELM 15-014

Heater for liquids, gas/air


BVS 15 ATEX E 084 U

ELM 15-015

Heater for liquids, gas/air


BVS 06 ATEX E 102 X

ELM 15-012


BVS 14 ATEX E 155 U

ELM 15-013

DS.60B.. TÜV 12 ATEX 7248 X Switch and Control Unit



IBExU 18 ATEX 1045X

ELM 18-012

Temperature Control Unit
DNH.. / DNV.. TÜV 12 ATEX 7247 X Ex Level Switch
eB*6*** BVS 06 ATEX F 002 X ATEX Thermal Cut Out
Type of appliance Certificate Designation  
DH..A0..., DH..B0... IECEx IBE 14.0078U Heater Size A0 and B0
DHG.., DHF.., DHK IECEx IBE 15.0003X Heater for gases, liquids and solid blocks
DHF.C.., DHG.C.., DHK.C.. IECEx TUN 14.0016U Heater 
DHF.C.., DHG.C.., DHK.C.. IECEx TUN 14.0017X Heater for gases, liquids and solid blocks
DHF.. / DHG.. / DHK.. IECEx PTB 11.0022X Heater for liquids, gas or solid bodies
EH.. IECEx BVS 11.0046X Heaters for liquids, gas/air
and solid blocks
DH.A.. IECEx PTB 10.0066U Heater size A
DH.B.. IECEx PTB 10.0063U Heater size B
DH.C.. IECEx PTB 10.0016U Heater size C
DH..M0.. IECEx BVS 14.0106U Heater



IECEx IBE 18.0031X Temperature monitoring devices

DNV.. / DNH..

IECEx TUR 12.0010X Ex Level Switch
TR-CU Certificates
Type Certificate Description
DH.., EH.. RU C-DE.Gb05.B.01092 Ex-Heaters
*N.., DST.., eB.. RU C-DE.Gb05.B.01138 Monitoring Devices

CCOE-Certificates for India

Type Certificate Description
DHG.., DHF.. and DHK.. CCOE P374649_1 Ex-Heaters
DVGW-Certificates for Gas Heaters
Type Certificate Description
DHG DG-5305AR0935 Gas Preheater
DHK DG-5305AR0936 Gas Preheater
Certificate of quality
ISO 9001:2015  
RL 2014/34/EU (ATEX)  
EN 3834-2
Module A2
Other Information

General Terms and Conditions of Purchase

General Conditions for the Supply
Declaration of harmlessness for repairs