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Each individual product of ELMESS is unique

Power to Heat (PtH)
Immersion heaters

Electrical screwed and flanged heaters with integrated temperature monitoring devices to heat liquid or gaseous media.

ASME Immersion heater

ASME Electric Immersion Heater (EIH) Element Support Plate

Ex-High Performance Cartridge
Flow heaters

For the direct heating of liquid and gaseous media up to 1000° C.

Gas pre-heaters/Vaporizers

For the indirect heating of gases in a tube coil, casted in an aluminum block together with the heating bundle.

Air heaters

For installation in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, in pipes, furnaces or heating chambers.

Air blower heaters

Explosion-protected air blower heaters for the heating of halls or larger rooms.

Space heaters/Finned tube heaters

Explosion-protected space heaters, also in dust-Ex design.

Temperature regulators

Explosion-protected on/off controller for the monitoring of room, media or surface temperatures.

Level switches

For the monitoring of liquid levels in hazardous areas.

Control panels

From contactor control to comfortable and accurate thyristor cascade control.

Electronic temperature monitoring and control devices
Special types of heater