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Control cabinets

ELMESS-Thermosystemtechnik supplies the right controls for your heating requirements, ranging from simple protection control to comfortable and accurate thyristor cascade control.

Power and temperature controls serve for monitoring of too high temperatures of the heater as well as controlling the required medium temperature.

Control panels or mounting plates are designed as SK acc. EN 61439-2. The monitoring of heaters is done by means of approved devices and will be as an option manufactured with calculated SIL.

The control of heaters can be carried out as a simple circuit with contactors or as a comfortable, continuously operating thyristor control with digital controller or PLC.

Modern thyristor power and temperature controls are optimized for the heating process. For homogeneous heating of medium, single heating groups can be controlled sequentially.

For erection in gas- or dust explosive hazardous areas, control panels with suitable type of protection are designed according to the heating process. Ex control panels may be located next to the heater.
All operating and display devices can be arranged visible and operable from outside the panel.


  • Process heaters in all industrial branches