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Electrical gas preheaters

Heat - for all gases up to 650°C
And safety- for operation in EX hazardous areas and for high pressure up to 500 bar. Our solution - tailored exactly to your needs

Advantages of ELMESS gas preheaters:

  • designed according to customers's individual requirements
  • safe and reliable operation
  • simple installation
  • low service requirement
  • long lifetime
  • Gas pressure reduction stations
  • Seal gas and fuel gas heaters
  • Industrial gas applications
  • LNG, LPG applications
  • Vaporizer

Design variations

Block Type Gas Heater

The medium is heated indirectly inside a cotube coil. The tube coil is cast in an aluminum block along with the electric heating bundle, protected by a steel or stainless steel enclosure.

The tube coil as pressure bearing element is calculated, manufactured and documented in compliance with PED, ASME or other codes.

Design, connections (1-2“), output and dimensions as required on a case by case basis

Special advantages of ELMESS block type gas heaters

  • high operation pressure up to 500 barg
  • operating temperature up to ~400°C
  • safe and reliable temperature control
  • best for small temperature gap between surface and outlet temperature
  • heating of aggressive media

Block type heater as vaporizer and heaters for industrial gases

Vaporizing of liquid gas inside the tube coil with following super heating in one heater.

Gas pre-heater as flow heater

The gas is heated in a flow pipe directly through a built-in electric heating element.

In order to protect the heater and in case of Ex devices, to observe the temperature class, the surface heating elements’ temperature are monitored by temperature sensors or switches.

The flowing pipe is calculated, manufactured and documented as a pressure device in compliance with pressure device regulation ASME or other set of regulations.

Gas preheater with inline process connections

Due to a special, double-walled design, the heat loss is reduced. Inlet and outlet nozzles are on the same level.

Ex-control gas pre-heater

Pre-heater for heating up little quantities of gas, e.g. control gas flows.
Compact heater block with pipe bundle and self-limiting heating element, 200W, up to 20 Nm/h.

Explosion protection

Explosion protected gas preheaters are suitable for operation in hazardous areas of category II 2 G or 2D (zone 1 or 21).
EC type examination certificate according to ATEX directive 2014/34/EU . IECEx certificate is also available.

DVGW approval (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water)


Tube coil or vessel and flanges made of carbon steel, stainless steel 321, 316 or special materials according to customer's requirements. Heater sheath and connection box made of carbon steel or stainless steel.

Power and temperature control

ELMESS-Thermosystemtechnik supplies the right control system for your heating requirements, ranging from simple protection control to comfortable and accurate thyristor cascade control.

Additional equipment:

  • Electronic thermal cut-out type eB*6*** with ATEX approval
  • EX thermostat type QTREK