Temperature monitoring and control devices

ELMESS is offering temperature monitoring devices, thyristor control units and temperature controllers for optimal monitoring and controlling of electrical heaters. The devices can be installed by customer in the control panel. ELMESS will also install those items inside complete control panels.

Thermal Cut-Out Type eB*6***

Type certification acc. to ATEX directive: BVS 06 ATEX F002 X
EN 50495; SIL 2 (EN 61508); PL c (EN 13849-1); IPL 1 (EN 13463-6); TR CU 012/2011

The thermal cut-out serves as temperature monitoring device of electric and non-electric equipment (e. g. heaters, pressure devices) that is also operated in explosion hazardous areas.

The outlet of the protection temperature limiter is a bistable relay with manual reset functionality.

Available inlets are: Pt100, current or semiconductor sensor KTY.

The unit can be operated with auxiliary power supply 24 V, 115 V or 230 V.

The thermal cut-out can trip and control heaters with only one measuring input, e.g. with ELMESS control and switching devices.

As an option the thermal cut-out unit can be equipped with an additional controller output. This output is determined to operate effectively prior to the limiter’s tripping. Set point is adjustable with the front potentiometer according to the printed scale.

Output physics can be relay contact (SPDT), current or pulse logic.

As an option the measuring input can be carried out with type of protection Ex ib intrinsically safe circuit

Digital controller with display

Digital controller to be built into the switch cabinet door with permanent display of the current and target temperature.

Possible measuring sensors are e.g. Pt100, thermal elements type K or type J or Current or voltage signals. Sensor errors or errors inside the measuring wires will be detected. The output can be displayed through a relay, current or logic signal.

The controllers are pre-configured ex works and should be adjusted on location e.g. through the built in autotuning functionality.

These devices are used for simple up to demanding and complex controlling tasks such as cascade controls.

Thyristor controller

Thyristor controllers are contact less and thus wear-free switches.

Thyristor controllers are suitable for switching without ohmic loads. They work with a zero-crossing of the voltage with an output between 0... 100 %.

The errors coming from this switching principle are negligible.

Control is carried out via logic signal (impulse groups) of 0 V and 4...32 V DC or with 24...265 V AC.

Available types are divided into rated currents of 30 A, 50 A, 70 A and 100 A with rated voltages of 480 V AC, 500 V AC and 690 V AC.

The devices for switch cabinet installation are supposed to be assembled on a 35mm standard rail.

For a rotary current economic connection two devices are required of 30 A or 50 A units.

Optionally, a monitoring function can be integrated.

Thyristor controllers with active cooling (fan) require auxiliary energy and are equipped with a temperature switch.

Thyristor controllers and ELMESS temperature monitoring and controlling devices are perfectly suited for controlling heaters, e.g. in an ELMESS cascade loop control.