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Thyristor controller

Thyristor controllers are contact less and thus wear-free switches.

Thyristor controllers are suitable for switching without ohmic loads. They work with a zero-crossing of the voltage with an output between 0... 100 %.

The errors coming from this switching principle are negligible.

Control is carried out via logic signal (impulse groups) of 0 V and 4...32 V DC or with 24...265 V AC.

Available types are divided into rated currents of 30 A, 50 A, 70 A and 100 A with rated voltages of 480 V AC, 500 V AC and 690 V AC.

The devices for switch cabinet installation are supposed to be assembled on a 35mm standard rail.

For a rotary current economic connection two devices are required of 30 A or 50 A units.

Optionally, a monitoring function can be integrated.

Thyristor controllers with active cooling (fan) require auxiliary energy and are equipped with a temperature switch.

Thyristor controllers and ELMESS temperature monitoring and controlling devices are perfectly suited for controlling heaters, e.g. in an ELMESS cascade loop control.