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Ex Thermostat / Temperature Limiter

The Thermostat serves for limiting, monitoring or control of room temperatures, medium or surface temperatures within hazardous areas of categories 2 or 3.

Design variations


Standard Ex Thermostat with temperature range -20 ... +50°C
More types with range up to 290°C
Current rating 16A


With fixed temperature 5 / 10 / 15°C
For simple control of the room temperature (e.g. frost protection) in explosion hazardous areas.
Design with fix mounted 2m connection cable.

Type DSTRALD Mounting Kit

Thermostat Type DSTR60ALD/0...+100-T6 as mounting kit for ELMESS finned tube heaters R4.

Type DSTR60ALE with Immersion Pipe

Ex temperature controller for controlling the gas temperature inside a pipe.
Mainly gas pressure control facilities with electric pre-heaters are used where the gas temperature behind the control valve is supposed to be controlled in a simple way.

ATEX, IECEx certificates for zones 1 and 2, 21 and 22. Ambient temperature -40...+60°C


- Thermostat with turning knob or with hidden adjustment
- Ex safety temperature limiter type DSTB60AL.
- Execution for Zone 21 and 22
- Execution Ex ib

  • Containers
  • Instrumentation rooms
  • Storage rooms
  • Gas preheaters
  • Pipelines